TinyOm Yoga App

You can download the app onto your Apple devices by clicking here.

The TeenyTinyOm yoga app is a fun, practical and clever tool for yoga teachers
and practitioners who regularly practice on their own.

Its best feature is the endearing yogi, TeenyTinyOm. Its second best feature is that you can choose from dozens of yoga poses, demonstrated by TeenyTinyOm, to make your own yoga sequence.
Once your sequence is done, you email it to yourself.

User Tips

Adding poses from the home screen

Double click on images at the top of the screen and they will appear in your sequence
in the order in which you click.

Zooming in to add a pose to your sequence

Click once on an image at the top of the screen and the app will zoom the images in. Then double click on any of these images to add them to your sequence in the order in which you click.

Shuffle poses within your sequence

Hold your finger on a pose once you’ve got a sequence started, and drag that pose around the sequence field to rearrange the order of the poses.

Removing a pose from your sequence

Double click on a pose already in your sequence to remove it.
The next pose you select will be added to that newly empty box.

Email and print or download to your tablet

Once you have completed your sequence, click on the envelope icon at the bottom of the screen.
This will enable you to email yourself the sequence.

From there you can print it or download it onto your tablet (or phone, but the small screen is not optimal) and bring it with you to your class or your yoga mat.

For prepared sequences

For ideas to get you stared, visit to the TeenyTinyOm yoga blog and scroll through to find a variety of yoga sequences prepared with love by me.

And finally…

If you haven’t already, join thousands of others by following TeenyTinyOm on Facebook
where he will delight you with his yoga journey.

Enjoy !


19 responses to “TinyOm Yoga App”

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  2. joelma says:

    Do you have the app for Android devices?
    Thanks a lot!

  3. maggie says:

    I have a samsung android I would love the app….. you should have this available for all androids to 🙂


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  5. Lydia Fuetterer says:

    Do you have the app also for Windows phones. I’m afraid not. I would be so curious to try it out.

  6. Maria clara says:

    I also loved if you have an app for Samsung mobile! I love your website!

  7. Shawnice Smith says:

    Thank you!! I am super excited about using the app for my little one. Teenytinyom pictures are perfect for her. Yoga has been great for the both of us during her chemo treatment. Namaste

  8. Emily says:

    Do you plan on doing a version you can use on the computer instead of the iPads etc. I struggle to see on the smaller screens and find it easier to move stuff around on my computer

  9. Fab says:

    Thank you soon much ! I really enjoy your app ! this is the perfect one to to learn sanskrit terms and to prepare our routines, it helps me a lot !
    Do you expect to add some asanas available for a sequence, such as prarthana (preyer) or other handstands ?
    Thanks again for this useful and great app

  10. Jennifer Kirch says:

    I love the illustrations! Are you any closer to an Android version of the app? Appreciatively, Jennifer

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